Break Da Bank

This is an excellent three reel slot machine, with five pay lines to grab your attention. What might strike you as a costly £5 a game you’ll find that although its expensive, it pays out a lot more frequently.

Although the game might have you thinking it’ll break your bank (ha!) you’ve got better odds on getting the Jackpot, so it works out nicely. The game play is very much a traditional slot variety, and I found that I’d mastered the action after my first few spins. Lots of features here too! Definitely recommended if you want to see those paylines more often!

break-da-bank-again-mobile-slots-sGame features

  • £5 Minimum Bet
  • £125 Maximum Bet
  • You get £20 free when you sign up!
  • Huge Jackpot
  • Original slot machine bonuses

Game instructions

Break Da Bank has a few different methods of initiating that winning jackpot; you spin the reels & match the correct symbols, or you could get a bonus by accessing the featured sub game. If you manage to get the bonus games (which seem quite frequent in this game) you’ll notice the fun and games hotting up quite quicky — with your winnings getting higher the more risks you take! As I said previously the features and bonuses are excellent!

Check out this game now!

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