Bullion Bonanza

The Bullion Bonanza is a real corker of a slot — totally different from your usual fare — its an wicked adventure with a great 3 line 3 reel slot and a massive progressive jackpot. Every spin you take some of your money getts added into a pot, meaning you can get on with more spins later!

The £60,000k jackpot payout is out of this world, and I know someone who won one of the £15,000 jackpots (which happens on a weekly basis). It is always good to remember that if you want a chance at the big time jackpot, play all three lines and you’ll quality. Although it will cost you £3 per spin, you’ll certainly be in the money if your numbers come up!

bullion-bonanza-gs-1_2Game features

  • £1 Minimum Bet
  • £3 Maximum Bet
  • Huge bonus features with this game
  • Your maximum payout jackpot is 800 x Coin Size
  • 3 Pay Lines with this game

Game instructions

A good bit of advice is to wait until the jackpot is higher than £14,500 before playing the game. You’ll notice then that the jackpot will drop until this figure is reached. You will still win at al lower amount, but it’ll probably cost you the same amount to play the game when it hits £60,000!

Keep in mind — as with all of the JackPot Joy games — this fruit machine is currently one of the biggest jackpot & payout rates available online!

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