Gee Gee’s Classic

This is a great classic slot machine game — the kind which you’re very familiar with in casino’s, pubs or arcades. Remember the old fruit machine style slots? That’s this game to a tee — great fun! All the typical fruit machine bonuses, with nudges, features, trails and holds together with the superb skill stops and gamble wins!

The reason I love this game is because its so quick, and familiar to get to grips with. No more standing in a pub spending a fortune either as the minimum bet is a paltry 10p! Great jackpots here too.. Well worth giving it a shot.

thegeegees_bigGame features

  • £0.10p Minimum Bet
  • £3 Maximum Bet
  • Fantastic £20 free when you sign up
  • Jackpot is a whopping 2000 x your coin size
  • Superb traditional fruit machine gameplay here!

Game instructions

First off, I would give the reels a proper spin, try and match the symbols and get used to the gameplay first. There’s a selection of sub games that you can get when you get particular sequences of bars. You’ll find that you pick up the game in a matter of minutes.Remember when lighting up the feature bar under the reels on the game screen, if a spin is finished the numbers on the symbols on the three reels add up to eight, or more, the feature game will kick in!

A straight down the line classic fruit machine style slot machine. Remember you get a superb sign up offer too 🙂

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