Hitman slots free online

The movie Hitman has inspired the creators of this slot machine to make something of a gold standard in slot gaming. Offering the same atmosphere as the movie, this has all the hallmarks of a classic theme based slot machine. Its plainly obvious that the developers have spent some serious time creating it, and probably had a great time doing so! Well worth signing up for the free £20 and playing this one for a few spins..

The wild symbols set this game apart, check out what goes on when you get it! Remember that the ‘Hitman’ symbol is wild meaning that is replaces other symbols, allowing you to win the spin!

hitman-slot-4Game features

  • £0.05p Minimum Bet
  • £3 Maximum Bet
  • £65,700 Potential winnings!
  • Huge Jackpot- 7500x your coin size
  • 15 Pay Lines

Game instructions

Take note that this is one of the cheapest games you can play at the moment with the games starting at only a penny! Remember as well that with Ladbrokes you can get a sign up offer of £20 of free cash, so I would be getting on board today while it still stands. Using the free cash is a good way of getting a taster of the game before you commit, and you most definately will!


Some serious technical development has gone into this game — wait until you see it — its fantastic! Sign up now to take advantage of the cash bonus.

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