Mermaids millions free slots

You’ll not find a slot machine game like Mermaids Millions on the internet anywhere else! Its a great five reel, fifteen payline, and seventy-five coin online slot machine game type, and its loads of fun, with a feminine touch that delicately points you in the right direction with every nudge — we like to think 🙂

Being of the classic slot machine format you’ll pick this game up very quicly, however you have the option of sticking in on ‘expert mode’ which lets you get down to the nitty gritty if you want to just spin those wheels. You’ll find that the game is very rewarding, however, you’ll find you play it for longer because of the expert mode. My winnings seemed to come alot quicker on this one, but its probably because I spent the most time on it!

mermaidsmillions1-mainGame features

  • £0.75p Minimum Bet
  • £75 Maximum Bet
  • You get £20 free when you sign up
  • Huge Jackpot- £37,500
  • Expert mode

Game instructions

Traditional style slot machine action — with an expect more that lets you get straight down to business!


Remember that you’ll get a superb sign up offer deal on this so we recommend you sign up today to take advantage!

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