Thunderstruck slot game review

This is a slot machine with a difference ; the viking styled gameplay! You’ll recognise the straight forward five reel, nine pay line, and forty-five coin play action, and our friends at Ladbrokes say this is the most popular game in their collection. Believe it or not, this was Ladbrokes first slot machine, and to this day it is still the main stay slot with the punters!

The fact that this is one of the oldest games on Ladbrokes makes the gfx look a little old school, but the fact is that the gameplay is incredibly addictive, and it only takes you a few go’s before your in the swing of things with it. You’ll notice the amazing scatter symbols, with multiplier symbols which increase your odds, and I’ve found that the bonus features are extremely generous on this game. Well worth checking out!

thunderstruck-slot1Game features

  • £50,000 Potential Jackpot!
  • Maximum Jackpot- 10,000x Coin Size!
  • 5 Pay Lines
  • £0.05p Minimum Bet
  • £45 Maximum Bet

Game instructions

This is easily one of the cheapest online slot machines on the internet. Believe it or not its only 0.05p per game, and you’ll be amazed to find out that you get £20 free credit to your account when you sign up on the Ladbrokes site..

This is one of the oldest, but one of the greatest online slots on the net today — it would be wise to check it out with all the free cash you get as a bonus sign up… Go for it!

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