Tomb Raider

Who doesn’t know about Tomb Raider™? This is the slot machine from the same game, and film of the same name. This slot machine has been one of the top games at Ladrokes since its launch a few months ago. Tomb Raider™ is an immense game, with lots of features and sounds from the films. I got into this game almost straight away — and i’m sure you will as well.

The game is immediately familiar, as you are immersed in all the gfxs and effects from the films. Things to remember are that the ‘Tomb Raider’ symbol is wild, and to get the winning lines it will take the place of the other symbols on the pay line. The game plays like a traditional casino slot machine, so you’ll be up and running with it in no time.

tombraider_smallGame features

  • £0.05p Minimum Bet
  • £75 Maximum Bet
  • Massive potential jackpot here!
  • Maximum Jackpot- 7500x Coin Size
  • 15 Pay Lines

This slot is second to none for sheer entertainment value — wicked fun!

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